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& keeps hackers at bay.

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Technology - Use Cases

Great convenience for customers & lots of benefits for your business and your partners.

Instant Checkout + Sign-up
You want to increase your conversion for your checkout process? You want to offer more services to customers and extend your business model? IDEE’s Instant Checkout allows you to share customer identities between companies.
Next-Gen SSO
Multi-directional SSO that also works with external companies e.g. partners. Within a chosen network of companies, a customer of any service can instantly use any other company‘s service in the network without manually signing up or using passwords.
Instant E-Voucher Redemption
You want to get instant feedback when an e-voucher is used? You want to increase voucher redemption with an instant checkout? IDEE’s eVoucher Redemption makes it easy.
Password-less Web Login
You want to get rid of passwords? You're looking for an easier 2-FA authentication solution for your customers? IDEE's Web Login allows your customers to simply login by unlocking their smartphone.
How it works

Completely new,
yet familiar.

To make fast and secure checkout, sign-up, and logins, possible without data entry, we had to re-think the way identities are created and secured. Our digital identity is tied to a user’s trusted device and can be easily re-used. It is controlled by the consumer, owned by the business, protected by IDEE, and compliant with all privacy regulations.

Identity Binding

We tie and store a user‘s identity e.g. in your app in such a way that the data cannot be stolen and easily exchanged with other services.

Unlock & Approve

Nothing without consent. The user approves each action from within your app by unlocking the smartphone.

Receive & Verify

The data can be shared to sign-up, checkout, login or authorize a transaction and is verified using IROHA Hyperledger.


Why is this such a big deal?

Identity today cannot meet your customer’s demands, limits your business growth, and has disastrous consequences for your business’ security.

0 Data Entry Zero data entry. Password-less. No Tokens. Just unlock the phone.
100/100 Security Score Our SDKs great based on a full security audit performed using the MobSF framework.
1 Week Integration It is so simple, that our solution can be easily integrated within a sprint.
Frequently Asked Questions

Your questions.
Our answers.

You can find a detailed answer on the different other login methods in our Identity Manifest.

Yes. IDEE’s identity exchange seamlessly extends you SSO solution so that it becomes bidirectional and also works with partners or sister companies if you want.

No. IDEE is fundamentally built on the “Zero Knowledge” architecture. We do not store any private customer data (PII).

Yes. Identities can also be shared on the web and IDEE offers a customizable whitelabel application for iOS and Android.

No Problem. IDEE offers several recovery mechanims to get access back and even immediately let’s you delete your devices if necessary.

You can use our library, plugins, and SDK, to call a handful of function calls.

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