IDEE wins at FoundersFightClub!

IDEE wins the Munich Founders Fight Night #6 in the ring against 10 other startups

IDEE is an official heavyweight champion!

On October 20th 2018, founder and CEO Al Lakhani went into the ring of FoundersFight.Club to verbally defend IDEEs’ innovation DIGITAL IDENTITY – and won!

Challenging 10 other startups in the ring, IDEEs’ innovation DIGITAL IDENTITY convinced all members of the jury.

IDEE has been overwhelmed by the feedback of Aitor Garcia Coya (Sales Manager, Wirecard), Dominik Piecuch (Senior Startup Partnermanager, Telekom Deutschland GmbH), Christian Stephan (Head of Innovation Research, Digital Strategy & Transformation, Media-Saturn Holding), Juliane Schiefer (Head of Venture Capital, Cenonomy AG), Daria Saharova (Partner, Vito One), Birgit Ströbel (Unternehmenscoach, Ströbel Businessconsulting), Alexander Kiltz (Investment Associate, Unternehmertum Venture Capital Partners), Dirk Ploss (Digital Technologies Scouting And Advisory, Beiersdorf), Eric Dolatre (Co-Founder GMX) and Berk Kirca (Vice President, Technology Investment Banking at Bryan, Garnier & Co).

To secure business models of the future, expand existing business and promote local start-ups – this is what FoundersFightClub aims for. And IDEE had the chance to be part of it.

Thanks to the judges and audience for supporting IDEE and Al Lakhani and a special thanks to Jan C. Küster and his incredible team at FoundersFight.Club for creating this unique event.