Enterprise solution

Prevent phishing with password-less multi-factor authentication


Your benefits at a glance.

Enhances security.
Stops data breaches.

Without access to passwords, employees cannot get phished or share their credentials.

Reduces IT costs.
Without a large investment.

No expensive training. No password reset. Self-service for your employees.

Integrates fast.
No IAM changes.

Password-less M-FA everywhere in minutes. No training. No integration. No new IT tools.

The M-FA Solution

For Enterprises.

With IDEE’s solution, your employees login to all devices, systems and applications by unlocking their smartphone.
IDEE ensures the authenticity of the employee, the integrity of smartphone and provides multi-factor authentication.

  • No phishing, no credential sharing possible
  • Strong, multi-factor authentication for the entire company
  • No password management, no resets, no awareness training
  • High convenience for both: employees and administrators
  • Cost efficient
  • No complex setup
  • Fast integration within hours
  • Supports multiple devices and systems
  • Offline Login
  • 100 % compliant with PSD2, GDPR & Co
From PC to Databases

Everything covered.

Passwords are everywhere. That’s why IDEE’s login solutions work everywhere you need it. Be it your employee’s PC, a server or database, a VDI connection, the sales team’s CRM or that custom-made task management tool you built 20 years ago.

Not just secure

More secure.

IDEE’s strong authentication is FIPS compliant and fulfills all requirements for the strong authentication guidelines by NIST. And don’t just take our word for it, have a look at the independent comparisons.

Read more about our security architecture.

Fast integration

in just minutes.

Download our app for PC & Mac, download our modules for VPN, SSH or Web and be up and running within minutes. There are no changes to your IAM infrastructure necessary.

Prevent phishing

With password-less
Multi-Factor Authentication.