Handelsblatt introduces IDEE’s Instant Checkout to Retailers in May 2019’s issue “Handel der Zukunft”!

Have you seen the latest German Handelsblatt’s issue? 

There you can find a special inlay “Retail of the future” (German “Handel der Zukunft”) by Reflex Verlag AND IDEE GmbH! 

IDEE is part of “Retail of the future” 

Portrayed among 6 other selected start-ups, IDEE feels honoured to introduce the innovative solution INSTANT CHECKOUT to German retailers and over 305.000 avid readers. 

With Instant Checkout, customers can checkout instantly without data entry and without passwords. 

Retailers increase conversion with Instant Checkout up to 76% and prevent abandoned shopping carts.  

Special thanks to Reflex Verlag for this great portrait! 

Get more information about Instant Checkout here